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Boss Credit helps you remove the financial roadblocks of low credit from your path, to reach your goals and dreams.

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Credit Repair

Initially, you will go through a consultation that would enable our credit specialists to analyze your credit file. We will have in-depth conservation regarding your scores, credit history, risk factors, and the items that are hurting your scores.

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We have the knowledge and expertise that helps you get past bad credit & on a path to a better lifestyle towards your goals. Credit is power and we will educate you on how to leverage your credit to your benefit.

Credit Repair Services - Las Vegas

Boss Credit offers various credit services that are all customized for your needs and credit profile. It is our goal to make sure you are gaining knowledge through the process, with the right education , information and resources towards your credit & financial journey.

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Credit Repair FAQ's

We cannot promise you a specific timeline, nor can I guarantee you results. If you work closely with me to follow credit best practices, we can ensure that you can achieve your credit goals. On average, it takes a minimum of 6 months to 1 year to reach your credit goals. Legitimate credit repair is not an overnight fix. It’s a PROCESS that takes time to do properly. Credit restoration requires TEAMwork (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More). Please follow the exclusive advice we give you to make this a smooth and successful process. Everyone’s situation is unique, and some graduate sooner than others. The important thing is making sure that your credit is repaired the right way so that you have a solid financial foundation for the future.

35%—both timely and untimely payments. 30%—The amounts and types of outstanding debt. 15%—The time since an account has been opened. 10%—Number of recently opened accounts and recent inquiries. 10%—Number and types of accounts such as credit cards, retail, etc.

Financial Literacy is providing clients with information that will increase their knowledge of the beneficial factors that are received when debt management, budget planning, cash flow management and credit utilization is revealed.

Yes, a 3 in 1 credit monitoring service is mandatory while you are enrolled in the program. We need access to your credit report at all times to track the progress. Without an active monitoring service, we cannot assist you.

Credit repair works by allowing a credit specialist to analyze your credit file and identify any inaccuracies or items that are erroneous reporting on your report. We work by using the law to dispute these items while exercising your consumer rights

This depends on what is reporting on your credit report and the plan of action we develop specific to each client. Everyone’s situation is unique. The Duration of our program depends on the number of items on your report that need to be worked on, it can possibly take anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Once you sign up we will review your credit report and give you a better assessment of your time frame. Please keep in mind the Credit bureaus take 30-45 to respond and send back results and updates.

Of Course! You have a right to a fair, accurate, and substantiated credit profile. Credit repair is completely legal in 50 States. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to challenge anything you believe is not reporting correctly within your credit file. There’s also a federal law that outlines how we, credit repair companies, can provide services to consumers.

You can do your own credit repair, but it can be labor intensive and time consuming. Restoring your own credit is like changing your own car oil, fixing your own car or representing yourself in court; it is possible, but you have to be willing to invest the time to learn the processes. But, it can be done – there are no rules of any kind against it. Think of it this way, skilled Credit Professionals start working on your credit Day 1 and get your results from a proven legal method as opposed to a consumer having to devote lots of time to simply begin to learn the entire process while doing all the follow up tedious work. But we do offer DIY options for those who are open to giving it a try on their own.

A poor credit score is when a client has a numerical value of 350s to the 600s. A negative credit score can prohibit a customer from obtaining employment, purchase of a car, purchase of a home, obtaining a business line of credit or loan, obtaining personal loans, and not obtaining credit cards.

Removing anything from your credit reports does not remove your obligation to that debt. You still are legally liable for the debt and need to settle it if it is within the statute of limitations in your state. If you feel you are over your head with debt, bankruptcy might be something you should consider, that is the only legal way to remove yourself from debt liability.

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